Moore Gallery, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT  2015


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 A storyteller at heart, I work in many media and forms, including photography, video, audio recording, text, installation, books, and collage. I’m interested in the intersections between fine art and social practice, between documentary and meta-history. Rigorous research and thought combined with experimentation in the construction and execution of my work is fundamental to my practice. My long-term projects result in non-linear narratives that address issues of history, memory, identity and social constructs. The macro in the micro is a thread in all my work.

Transcendence of the thing photographed; the use of color, framing, forms within the frame; imbuing an image with meaning beyond the facts of its circumstances was the approach to my work, AFTERWAR: Veterans from a World in Conflict (my second book). Using the human body this work speaks to a century of war and the toll on the men, women, and children who were on the frontlines. Mixing the personal with the universal, archival documents with my original photography, I’ve used expanded documentary strategies to investigate the diverse landscape of diaspora in my ongoing series, Dear Grinkers. My most recent project, Six Days From Forty, an installation, is a work of memoir and experimental collaboration related to my brother’s life and death from AIDS. The macro in the micro, personal and universal, the body and its circumstances; caretaking, love and loss – conversations hanging on last words quietly unfold as viewers move through the installation. The work includes several videos, large format photographs, and an artist’s book.

My works originate from the personal, my own story or an almost obsessional need to know, but each series speaks to our commonalities. Suggestive and fragmentary yet quiet, particular and detailed but in one way or another everyone’s story, ultimately my work is about the ephemeral transcendence of everyday experience.